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All children deserve to enjoy the advantages and joy of music education!

Music for Minors (MFM) was founded in 1976 to keep music programs in schools after the severe budget cuts resulting from Proposition 13. Originally envisioned as an interim solution, MFM trained volunteers to deliver music education in local elementary classrooms.

Over 40 years later, demand is increasing for our program as school budget pressures continue. The benefits of music education remain profound. Thus, MFM has steadily expanded our service area, grade-level coverage, and program to meet emerging community needs. For example, we greatly increased our ability to scale by expanding our educator roster from MFM volunteer only to include MFM professionals as well as classroom educators using our licensed MFM curriculum.

Our program includes a sequential curriculum that is consistent yet flexible, and that aligns with the California Content Standards for Music and Common Core. MFM partners with each school or district to customize its music program in terms of cost and instruction hours. All this makes MFM the optimal—and sometimes only—solution for many schools.

What our donors say about us

  • “Mentoring and musical education are integral elements of a balanced, liberal education. Music for Minors brings music to children who might not otherwise know art and music. It’s an indispensable community resource.” –William Terrell, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  • “Why have so many schools done away with music education programs when so many studies show that the left side of the brain is better developed with music, and that songs can help young minds with the skill of memorization and more? This is why MFM has always been on our list of beneficiaries, and will continue to be.”–Iris Moran
  • “Music is a necessary component of a well-rounded education, and it’s terribly important to give young people musical exposure and opportunity.”–George Crow
  • “I’m very lucky to have found my association with Music for Minors, and I value it highly.”–Mike English

How you can help









(Note: Numbers are based on averages for type of program, class, and school size.)

Your contribution will enable us to put music into the classroom. It will support music teachers, educational content, and related resources (i.e., percussion instruments, visual aids, etc.). Your investment helps us:

· Recruit, retain, and train our teachers*,
· Refine existing content and develop new material so that our curriculum remains current and of outstanding quality, and
· Obtain and upgrade the resources necessary for learning.

We provide financial support to close the gap between the cost of the music program and what the school can afford. While some schools have district and/or PTA funding for music, or active education foundations that finance programs, other schools experience budget limitations and fall short of covering costs. Even when the will is strong, and administrators and parents are committed to the value of music, additional dollars are often required.

*Note that this program supports teaching artists so that they can earn a livable wage for the Bay Area. It has been well documented that arts and cultural institutions stimulate and strengthen local economies.

The Organization

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  • Annual Budget: $1.7 million
  • Staffing: 10 Employees
  • Founded: 1976
  • Measurable student achievement & classroom teacher loyalty
Music for Minors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; our Federal Tax ID is #94-2494433.
  • 14-member Board of Trustees with 100% giving and participation
  • Executive Director with over 30 years in music education, performance, professional affiliations, and community service
  • Dedicated, highly engaged team with strong skills in software development, project development and management, curriculum development, and music and community education
  • Awarded Pensinsula Arts Council Outstanding Arts Organization for 2013
  • Partnerships with schools, districts, educational foundations, and performing arts groups

Contribution Levels

Every donation directly benefits our work to transform the lives of children through music. Like our current sponsors, consider a level of contribution that works best for you!

Supporters $1 – 99
Patrons $100 – 249
Sponsors $250 – 499
Advocates $500 – 999

Choral Circle

Entrepreneurs $1000 – 2499

Maestro Circle

Ambassadors $2500 – 4999
Investors $5000 – 9999
Visionaries $10k+

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