Our programs are acclaimed, customized, cost-effective.

Music for Minors is a nonprofit with over 40 years of expertise in elementary school music education. Our mission is to nurture in children a lifelong love of music.

Operating in the San Francisco Bay Area, we provide students in transitional kindergarten through sixth grade with a program of diverse, high-quality musical experiences that is:

Engaging and participatory

Based on grade-level objectives aligned to California music education standards

A foundation for upper-grade choral and instrumental music education

Cost-effective (regardless of district/school resources)

Our curriculum is sequential and varied, including visual aids, props, and instruments.

Lessons include singing, listening, reading, theory, movement, dancing, and playing rhythm instruments and recorders. We base our programs on the following priorities:


  • Exclusive focus on music
  • Consistency within district, regardless of school resources, changes in educators, etc.
  • Professional educators trained in general music, recorders, and classroom management
  • Yearly student achievement assessment
  • Yearly classroom teacher loyalty assessment; at end 2016-17, 98% of classroom teachers wanted to continue with Music for Minors


  • 25,000 students (half of students are in underserved/high-needs schools and districts)
  • 900 classes per week in 68 schools
  • Proven capacity to implement school- and district-wide music programs in multiple schools and districts
  • Customized for district/school (instructional weeks, class frequency and duration, integration with academics, demographics, budget)
  • Financial support based on socio-economic profile


  • Sharing Events at all schools to enable parents to experience their children’s music classes
  • Partnerships with school districts, PTAs, and education foundations to provide comprehensive music programs
  • Collective partnerships with foundations, corporations, and individuals to support costs at under-resourced schools
  • Strong community participation via volunteer educators
“The teachers supplied by Music for Minors are critical. It’s the MFM teachers that really make the program work and work so well.”–Oak Grove School District

What does it cost?

Music for Minors provides financial support to schools based on need. Contributions from individual and institutional donors enable us to partner with schools and districts to customize solutions to their specific environments. We also work to help create strategies for participating schools and districts to assume progressive levels of financial responsibility for their music education programs.